Welcome to the World Bible School at the Oldham Lane Church.  Truly you can share Jesus with others using World Bible School.  World Bible School has numerous students all over the earth.

There are two major types of ministries in World Bible School.  The largest ministry is the postal form of World Bible School.  This involves sending paper WBS lessons via the postal services to students in America and to many foreign countries.  This “snail-mail” ministry is the only way we can reach people who do not have practical and economical access to computers.  We have a very active postal WBS program at the Oldham Lane Church and you are welcome to join this ministry.  You can choose to have your own students.  If so, you are welcome to use the WBS booklets and supplies that we have at no charge to you.  You can also take advantage of our postal program and send your lessons via the services at the Oldham Lane Church.  You can also work with the OLC WBS team in whatever ministry you choose.  We always need graders.  We now have both English and Spanish postal WBS ministries.  Our most frequent students currently come from Nigeria, Ghana, Zimbabwe, and South Africa.

We started as of February 2016  the “postal P.R.E.P. program.”  This program is coordinated from WBS in Austin.  They shipped thousands of WBS lessons to Ghana and they are recruiting students in secondary schools to become WBS students.  These students complete the WBS lessons and WBS workers in Ghana then send the students’ answer sheets to the US churches who are participating via the Internet (Dropbox).  This bypasses many obstacles and greatly speeds up the process.  After grading by WBS workers here, the answer sheets are sent back via the Internet (Dropbox).  We will need a lot of graders when the answer sheets arrive.

The other WBS ministry that is rapidly growing is the Internet WBS.  Anyone in the world can access the Internet WBS ministry by simply logging on to worldbibleschool.org.  In the same way, the WBS teachers are able to grade the WBS students’ lessons from a computer or hand-held device from anywhere in the world.  If you would like to become involved in this ministry, simply log on to worldbibleschool.org and sign up as a teacher.  After you are cleared, you will then be able to select your students and work with them.  There are many students who sign up on WBS via the Internet website, but these students want postal lessons.  So it is beneficial for you to be involved in Internet WBS even if you do postal WBS because you can get more students at the WBS website.

If you have any questions about any of these things, or if you need any help, just let us know.  Feel free to question Vic Vadney or other WBS workers.  We certainly need your help.

Below you will find two icons that will take you to either the English Internet WBS, or the Spanish Internet WBS.