From the Elders at Oldham Lane Church of Christ:

We are so excited about what God has done, is doing, and will continue to do here at the Oldham Lane Church of Christ! 

We invite you to explore this webpage and see the plans that we, as elders, have carefully and prayerfully designed to address our growth.

We love the Lord, we love His Church, and we invite you to “Come Grow With Us”.

Our Plans

Below you will find detailed information about the proposed Family Center.  This plan has been carefully and prayerfully designed to address the project growth needs of the Oldham Lane Church of Christ.

The site plan shows the relation of the current facility and the proposed Family Center which will accommodate a 60% growth in attendance for Bible Classes. It also provides more space for fellowship and ministries such as Preacher Training Camp and Shine.


The family center has been designed to have a large degree of flexibility in its use.  More than 1/3 of the building has flexible use capability. It has 5 classrooms, one with access to the kitchen. Here the large room is setup for an event.  Note the following:

  1. There is a special event room (Top Right) for baby showers, bridal and wedding showers, small groups, funeral meals, anniversaries, etc.
  2. It is connected to the kitchen which is twice the size of our current kitchen. It has great access to the large room and the special events room.
  3. The Youth Room (lower right) will seat over 100 youth and provide more space for Bible classes, devotionals, and fellowship space.
  4. The bottom three classrooms are each 10% larger than our current Solo Servants and Young Adult Class. They will seat 60-100 people depending on the arrangement.


Here is another view with the large room setup for a class.  The large room will accommodate approximately 400 people for an event, but is expandable to 600 by opening the adjacent classroom walls. It will also provide fellowship opportunities among members and for outreach.  Note the following:

  1. The large room is 35% larger than the current fellowship space we have.  When the 3 classroom walls are slid open it become twice the size of our current fellowship space.
  2. The bathrooms include showers, allowing us to house the students for Preacher Training Camp, Shine, and other events.
  3. The foyer doubles as the serving area, allowing the entire fellowship space to be used for fellowship and activities.


This view is from the North.  Note the covered drive-through which attaches to the kitchen.


This view is from the West and demonstrates how the Family Center will be attached to the current facility.


This image shows the incredible outdoor fellowship space created between the existing and proposed facility.  You can also see here the covered area that can easily be converted to three additional classrooms as we continue to grow.


When the elders presented the plans for the Family Center to the church in October of 2015 they asked members to prayerfully consider increasing their giving by 10%.

 This increase allows us to continue our current level of ministries and missions in Abilene and throughout the world and afford the loan payment.

 We are so thankful the church responded with great generosity to the elder’s request!

 We encourage all members to continue this 10% increase in order for us to afford the Family Center. If you haven’t been giving towards the Family Center or could give more than 10%, please prayerfully consider helping in this way. This will expand our Bible class space, fellowship and ministry space and provide for long-term growth as we share the gospel with more people.

FAQs - OLCOC Family Center


Why build? We are growing now without a Family Center.

This allows further growth. It is anticipated that our current facility will soon be at maximum capacity. 


Is bigger really better?

In 1 Corinthians 3:5-7 we are told that God causes the growth. Therefore, when we are blessed with growth we will naturally will be a larger congregation. As a larger congregation we will be able to do more work for the Lord.


Why are we not planting a congregation like Baker Heights did with us?

There is an abundance of congregations in the Abilene area. People are coming to us from up to 45 miles away (Albany, Sweetwater, etc.). Those seeking truth and God-centered worship are coming to Oldham Lane.


Why are we not building an auditorium?

At Oldham Lane we focus on knowing God’s Word. This is done through sermons, but also through Bible classes. Class attendance is increasing therefore we need to plan as this trend is expected to continue. Such a facility creates a place of worship, Bible study, and fellowship.


Isn’t most of our growth right now just from other congregations?  Will we really continue to grow once the dust settles from that?

Unfortunately, doctrinal unrest in the brotherhood is creating some movement. Oldham Lane’s growth comes from new converts, people moving into the area, and people coming from other congregations. Our focus is to bring others to Christ through evangelistic outreach while providing a doctrinally sound place to worship. Spreading the gospel message will continue to increase our number.


Could the space we have be utilized more efficiently?

We always attempt to use the space we have more efficiently. In the past we have moved classes and added on to the building. Our increasing attendance is causing us to reach the limits of our facilities.


Will we have to cut missions to build the Family Center?

No. Oldham Lane is dedicated to being evangelistic throughout the world.


With so many mission and ministry opportunities in the world, how do we justify spending money on a building?

We can’t provide for the entire world. We can take care of the lives we can affect. A new facility will allow us to work in our own community to help those in need, both physically and spiritually. We will not cut any ministries to have a new building.


Will this facility have a gym?

Yes, a family center can be used for many purposes, this being only one of them. A family center does not change who Oldham Lane is; a body of the Lord’s church seeking to do what we are told in scripture.


Why do we need new offices? Why do the ministers need to be in close proximity?

Primarily for continuity of effort and improved workflow. It is anticipated that the number of staff will continue to grow. A dedicated, consolidated office area will reduce overhead costs. An example of reduced overhead costs would be utilities for heating and air-conditioning. It also provides for a more secure workplace. Staff safety is a priority.


Why are we constructing so many offices?

Office space provides the staff with the space to do their work and to have members/visitors in for study or meetings. As we continue to grow we can anticipate the need for the number of staff members to grow. It is more cost-effective to include these now instead of renovate later.


What is going to be done with the current offices and Family Room?

They will be renovated to increase the size of the infant classroom and to provide for a new training/cry room for parents with young children.


What are you going to do with the old kitchen?

It will remain. Two kitchens will provide opportunity for more people to do more things at the building. We can have two events simultaneously or have more resources for bigger events.


How much is it going to cost?

Up to $6.3 million. Construction and materials costs are high and continue to increase. The cost includes contingencies for unanticipated expenses.


How are we paying for this?

The facility will be paid for with current funds, with special contributions, and through some bank financing.  We currently have approximately $1 million set aside for this purpose. Anticipated debt payments can be managed through our current cash flow. It is expected that the debt will be paid off sooner than later. Debt payments will be structured in a way that will not diminish any ministry efforts.


Could we sell some of the land we own to help pay for the Family Center?

We are currently making some money on the land. The land continues to increase in value. The amount of land to sell and when to sell will be discussed as we move forward.


I’m a Dave Ramsey fan…don’t you think a church should operate debt-free?

That would be great! However, it is not always practical to operate debt-free. We are growing and do not want to hinder its continuance. If all cost could be initially raised by the congregation it would not be necessary to have any debt.


Who will be permitted to use this new building?

There will be a building and use policy in place to determine this, similar to what currently have. Members are given first priority to use the building and are encouraged to use the building for various functions. As an evangelistic outreach to the community, we anticipate the building to be used for various other community events.


If I am a member of Oldham Lane Church of Christ and my family has an anniversary, birthday, or special occasion, can I use the Family Center without having to pay?

Yes, in accordance with the building and use policy.


How soon will it be before we begin?

It is dependent on funding and member giving. The more funds initially received from the congregation the sooner we can get started.